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Senegal's iconic minibuses are phased out

France 24 | Screen grab from Eye on Africa about Senegal's disappearing minibuses.

Senegal’s popular public transport minibuses, known as "car rapides", are being taken off the road. FRANCE 24's Sarah Sakho and Emmanuelle Landais report on a disappearing institution.


If you have already been to Dakar you have probably met or taken a bus like this one...

A real institution in Senegal is at risk of disappearing.

However, it is the preferred means of transport for most Senegalese people.

Brightly painted, they are an eyecatching sight on roads in the Senegalese capital of Dakar. But they also play a very important role in the transport system, running almost 24 hours per day.

Click on the player above to watch our report. 


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