Glyphosate: 'The most toxic product ever invented by man'

Toxic weedkillers have been banned from gardens across France this month. Households are no longer allowed to stock, never mind use, the chemical compounds, which are deemed a danger to the environment. Industrial use, however, continues. The world's most popular weedkiller, glyphosate, is still being spread in huge quantities. Some people say it is a safe solution to supplying enough food to feed the world. Others say it is clearly a poison that should be banned.


Marie-Monique Robin is an investigative journalist who has spent years researching glyphosate. She tells us that it needs to be banned rapidly and that she has seen proof of its toxicity across the globe.

Robin also focuses on what individuals can do, namely moving towards a more organic and environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Her latest documentary "What are we waiting for?" looks at the village of Ungersheim in France: a village in transition, going back to the future.

Check out FRANCE 24's original webdoc: "The Pesticide Generation: Children on the Front Line".

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