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'Difficult to foresee any positive outcome' on Brexit, former diplomat Pierre Vimont says

Pierre Vimont is a senior fellow at Carnegie Europe, following a four-decade, high-level diplomatic career. He has served as France's ambassador to the United States, ambassador to the EU and was the first head of the European External Action Service. Today, he is one of the few former diplomats to hold the title of "Ambassador of France". He spoke to FRANCE 24 about the Yellow Vest movement, Brexit and the forthcoming EU elections.


Asked about the national debate that will take place in France to respond to the Yellow Vest protests, Pierre Vimont calls it "a way of channelling the anger into something that could be more positive and constructive". He also admits Emmanuel Macron's European agenda "is being undermined" by the Yellow Vest movement.

On Brexit, Vimont says it's "very difficult to foresee any positive outcome" at the moment, since both the main political parties in the UK are divided on the issue. Whether it's the agreement negotiated by Theresa May, the no-deal scenario, a new referendum or a general election, "you don't seem to have a majority for any of these options", he told FRANCE 24's Catherine Nicholson.

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