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Anti-Brexit campaigner Jack Dart calls PM's parliament defeat 'good news'

Following the historic rejection of British PM Theresa May’s Brexit deal in the House of Commons, FRANCE 24 speaks to Jack Dart, a 24-year-old law student who has suspended his studies for a year in order to campaign for a second referendum on Brexit. Dart has travelled up and down the UK and says the message he hears most from young people is that what they are seeing today is not what was sold to them during the 2016 referendum campaign.


More than two years on, Dart is convinced people want another say on Brexit. "The suggestion of going back to the people to ask them whether or not they are happy with this is direct democracy," he told FRANCE 24.

Dart says the rejection by MPs of Theresa May's divorce deal gives him hope that another people’s vote may be brought about.

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