The American houses with in-built sports facilities

In the US, many students rack up tens of thousands of dollars in debt to attend the school of their dreams. But some young athletes manage to obtain a full scholarship to pay their way. Now, parents across America's richest neighbourhoods are looking at new ways to give their kids the best possible start in professional sports by building actual stadiums at home. We take a closer look.


Meanwhile, as the longest government shutdown in US history continues, some 800,000 federal workers are still not getting paid. We take a look at some of those who are worst affected.

And Canada has issued a travel warning for its citizens going to China, saying there's a risk of "an arbitrary enforcement of local laws". The notice was issued just hours after a Chinese court sentenced a Canadian national to death for drug smuggling, dramatically changing his previous 15-year term. We tell you why the case has further stoked tensions between the two nations.

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