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Life in a cold climate: Norway and the Arctic (part 1)

The North Pole is a place that conjures up images of explorers, polar bears and Santa Claus. But the reality of the Arctic is less well-known than the folklore. In this special programme, our team heads north to explore life, work and politics within the Arctic Circle.


In part one of our programme, our team takes to the chilly seas off Norway and Finland, meeting:

  • Norway’s Foreign Minister, Ine Eriksen Søreide
  • Head of Norway’s Institute of Marine Research, Sissel Rogne

We also find out how climate change is literally melting a longstanding way of life in Svalbard.

And why for some of the stakeholders in the handful of states with territory in the Arctic, the key to keeping good relations could be science. Their motto: "In cod we trust".

Click here to watch part two.

Produced by Isabelle Romero, Roxane Runel and Mathilde Bénézet.

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