From war-torn Yemen to the mountains of Chartreuse, FRANCE 24’s Week in Review

This week FRANCE 24 spoke to M. Night Shyamalan about his new movie "Glass" and peered into the lives of Japan's hikikomori, those afraid of the outside world. We also visited war-torn Yemen, where millions live on the brink of starvation.



Taking ‘universal’ out of university: Foreign student fees challenge France’s education model

France’s decision to hike tuition fees for international students more than tenfold has triggered a stand-off with universities and revived a debate about the role of state-funded higher education.

France and Germany renew vows after golden jubilee

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel signed a new partnership this week, exactly 56 years after the Élysée Treaty – signed by Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer – re-established Franco-German friendship in the wake of World War II.

From social media to the ballot box, Yellow Vests throw hat in European ring

Some of France’s Yellow Vest protesters have declared they will field a list of candidates in the upcoming European Parliament elections. But that effort, paradoxically, could well be a boon to the very establishment the anti-elite protesters oppose.


Civilians pay the price for war in northern Yemen

Yemen's presidential palace was taken over by Houthi rebels four years ago on Monday, a decisive moment for a country that has since sunk into civil war and humanitarian crisis. FRANCE 24 travelled to a region held by Shiite Houthi rebels that has been under near-daily bombardment from a Saudi-led military campaign that has been trying to oust the Houthis since 2015. The conflict has become a regional proxy war, with Iran supporting the Shiite Houthis against the Gulf Arab Sunni coalition.

Taxing tech giants: France's finance minister on new digital levy

In a special programme from the World Economic Forum in Davos, FRANCE 24 speaks to French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire about his plans to tax digital giants like Google and Facebook, and discusses how Brexit is affecting demand for property with one of the biggest global players in commercial real estate.


Surprising winners and losers of the 2019 Michelin stars

The famed Michelin guide bestowed a record 75 stars this year. But among the winners were some surprising losers, with L’Auberge de I’Ill losing its 3-star ranking for the first time in 51 years.



Film show: Oscar nominations dissected

Could "Roma" be the first Netflix film to take the Oscar for best picture? Or will "Green Book" defy the critics and clinch the top prize? Film critic Lisa Nesselson takes a look at this year's Oscar race and a new Eric Clapton documentary.

A shatterproof thriller: M. Night Shyamalan's 'Glass' hits screens

His unsettling brand of supernatural horror has been keeping audiences on the edge of their seats since the 1999 blockbuster "The Sixth Sense": M. Night Shyamalan returns with the final film of his "Unbreakable" franchise, "Glass". FRANCE 24 headed to the red carpet première to catch up with its stars.


Japan's modern-day hermits: The world of the hikikomori

Half a million Japanese people live isolated in their bedrooms, unable to face the outside world. These modern-day hermits are known as the hikikomori. Last year the Japanese government launched a nationwide study in a bid to understand this strange phenomenon.


Could going child-free be the answer to our climate crisis?

Whether or not to have a child could be one of the most environmentally consequential decisions you make in your lifetime. In this edition of Down To Earth, we ask whether going child-free could help save the planet.


France's Chartreuse mountains, the sacred home of a famous liqueur

A thousand years ago, monks made the Chartreuse mountain range their home. Today, 29 monks still live there and produce the famous Chartreuse liqueur, which supports the monastery. Its recipe is a closely guarded secret.


Je t'aime... Are the French the world's best lovers?

When it comes to romance, the French have the reputation of being passionate, first-class lovers. But what's it like to really go out with a French person? We take a look at dating rules in France and local attitudes to marriage, divorce and infidelity.

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