What's next for Venezuela?

Venezuelan author Vincente Ulive gives us his Perspective on how the situation could evolve in his home country, where two rival presidents claim to be in charge. "It can go from Nicolas Maduro staying in power, to splinter sections of the military dividing up and shooting it out amongst themselves, or anywhere in between. At this point it is very difficult, almost impossible to predict. We have had these uprisings in the past and they've led nowhere", he told FRANCE 24.


The situation in Venezuela is evolving fast. Last week, opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself interim president. The move was instantly recognised by a number of foreign countries including the US, Brazil and Canada. Others, including France, Germany and Spain, gave Maduro eight days to call a vote or said they too would back Guaido.

China and Russia, meanwhile, were quick to show their support for Maduro.

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