From the Syrian front lines to an Iranian prison to the chefs' Olympics, FRANCE 24’s Week in Review

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FRANCE 24 reports from the front line in Syria and speaks to Juan Guaido of the political crisis gripping Venezuela. We also talk to Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian on being imprisoned in Iran and lift the veil on dating in France.



Egypt abuses put military deals in the spotlight as Macron heads to Cairo

As French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in Egypt for a three-day official visit, he faced calls from activists to address abuses at an Egyptian shipyard that is building battleships in partnership with a French company.

Yellow Vests: Are France’s working poor being left behind?

France enjoys a reputation for having a generous social safety net that provides well for the least fortunate. But weeks of Yellow Vest unrest have highlighted that many French citizens live in lingering economic uncertainty.

‘Flavours of Iraq’ chronicles a country at war

French-Iraqi journalist Feurat Alani has chronicled the changes that have swept Iraq, first through the eyes of a child and later as a journalist. His story has been turned into an animated TV series, which is being broadcast on FRANCE 24.

French police under fire as Yellow Vest casualties mount

Amid a spate of serious injuries suffered by Yellow Vest protesters, the French government is under pressure to ban rubber-ball launchers used by riot police. FRANCE 24 takes a look at the case for and against these controversial weapons.

Chefs compete for gold at France's 'Olympics of cooking'

Chefs from around the world gathered in the eastern French city of Lyon this week to compete for a shot at gold in the Bocuse d’Or, also known as the "Olympics of cooking".

Pikovsky family reunites 75 years after the Holocaust

After making a documentary about Louise Pikovsky, a young Jewish student deported from Paris in 1944, FRANCE 24 tracked down other Pikovsky family members and helped them reunite.


On the front lines with the Syrian Democratic Forces

FRANCE 24 travelled to the front lines in Marashdi with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which are taking heavy losses as they battle to evict the Islamic State group from its last stronghold in eastern Syria.

'Leave and go to prison or stay and die': A French jihadi bride on the run

As the Islamic State group retreats from its last Syrian stronghold, thousands of Syrian civilians are fleeing – as are many foreign fighters. FRANCE 24 spoke to one jihadi bride on the run who wants to return home to France, even if it means facing prison.



‘We are dealing with a dictatorship,’ Venezuela’s Guaido tells FRANCE 24

“We’re dealing with a dictatorship here that is malicious and lacks all scruples," Venezuela’s self-declared acting president Juan Guaido told FRANCE 24, vowing to use "all means at my disposal to put an end to this and ensure free and fair elections”. France, the United States and several Latin American countries have recognised Guaido as the country’s legitimate leader.

Reporter Jason Rezaian on his 544 days of captivity in Iran

Jason Rezaian is an American-Iranian correspondent for the Washington Post who was held at Iran's notorious Evin prison longer than any other international journalist. Three years after his release, Rezaian has shared his ordeal in a new book entitled "Prisoner". He spoke to FRANCE 24 about his captivity and the circumstances that led to his release.


Je t'aime ... Are the French really the world's best lovers?

When it comes to romance, the French have a reputation for being passionate, first-class lovers. We take a look at dating rules in France and local attitudes to marriage, divorce and infidelity.


Haute couture, summer 2019: Chanel unveils shimmering gowns, minus Lagerfeld

Haute couture exists to push the boundaries of what fashion is capable of: For the summer 2019 collections shown at Paris Fashion Week, Chanel reconstructed a vast 18th-century Italian villa at the Grand Palais to show off its latest shimmering offerings while Dior recreated a high-glamour trip to the circus. Meanwhile, Jean-Paul Gaultier paid tribute to the ocean, Japan and David Bowie via the unlikely medium of pleats.


French films 'Sink or Swim' and 'Custody' lead César nominations

The nominations for France's answers to the Oscars – the César Awards – have just been announced, with "Sink or Swim" and "Custody" among the top contenders with 10 nominations each. FRANCE 24 explains how the French approach to awards season differs from that of the Academy in Hollywood.


There is a war in cyberspace

As Europe's biggest cybersecurity conference came to an end this week, we take a look at what is happening in cyberspace. Criminals are endangering whole economies and even lives with their attacks, so how are states preparing for this new type of warfare? We also tell you how tech companies are using behaviour design to keep you returning to their products.


France's legion of honour: Who makes the cut and how?

In this week's France in Focus we take a look at the history of France's most prestigious award, the Legion of Honour, and why some controversial figures have been given the title. We gained rare access to the palace where the key decisions are made and explore how you become a "legionnaire".

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