Brexit uncertainty: 'EU citizens are already struggling as we live in a hostile environment'

As the uncertainty over Brexit continues, FRANCE 24 speaks to Elena Remigi, an Italian-born interpreter who has been living in the UK for over a decade and has founded the In Limbo Project. It compiles the personal accounts of EU citizens who having built their lives on freedom of movement are now left in doubt about their future.


"The atmosphere has changed since the referendum," Elena Remigi tells us. "EU citizens were perfectly integrated, perfectly happy to live here and all of a sudden we are considered a weight on the system." Remigi says there has been a 41% rise in xenophobic crimes since the vote.

Remigi began the "In Limbo" project after starting her own application to stay in the UK. She put the testimonies into two not-for-profit books that she has sent to hundreds of MPs and MEPs. The goal, she says, is to have the voices of citizens heard, insisting that the prolonged uncertainty is causing a lot of strain. "Some people have already left the country and split their family because of it."

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