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Terrorists 'progressing' in Africa's Sahel region, UN's Guterres tells FRANCE 24

In an interview with FRANCE 24 on the sidelines of the African Union summit in Addis Ababa, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres justified the UN's decision not to dispute the result of the recent presidential election in DR Congo. He also discussed his hopes for the peace deal signed in Central African Republic, and warned of the ongoing terrorist threat in Africa's Sahel region.


UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres defended the UN's decision not to dispute the election of Felix Tshisekedi as president of DR Congo, despite doubts being raised over the authenticity of the result. "The United Nations has no way of verifying the results of the elections", Guterres said.

Asked about a peace deal signed on February 6 between Central African Republic's government and 14 rebel groups, the UN chief expressed hope that it would hold up. "There is a wind of hope, a wind of change in Africa", he told FRANCE 24's Marc Perelman.

However, turning to Africa's Sahel region, Guterres warned that terrorists are "progressing" in the region and pointed out that more needs to be done to curb the terror threat. "We must seriously invest in security and in the development of the Sahel region", the UN chief said.

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