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Antisocial media? Europe's fake news fightback

We're now less than four months from the next European elections. While in the past, candidates would have been worried about their speeches, TV appearances and leaflets, now the focus is on our phone screens, tablets and laptops. One European Commissioner recently talked about there being a "digital arms race" – as the various players jostle for our attention online and especially on social media.


As Facebook turns 15 this month, the social network is talking up its plans to make political advertising more transparent. But it's also been called out by the EU Security Commissioner Julian King for what he called "patchy, opaque and self-selecting" reporting on its compliance with a digital code of practice.

So can we ever go back to the days of more tightly-regulated political messaging? Can we ever "unfriend" fake news and give a new "like" to facts? Or is the virtual genie now out of the digital bottle?

Produced by Isabelle Romero and Roxane Runel

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