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A delay to Brexit is 'almost inevitable', Scotland's Nicola Sturgeon tells FRANCE 24

In an interview with FRANCE 24, Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon weighed in on the current Brexit impasse, saying she believes it's "almost inevitable" that the process will be delayed. The SNP leader also insisted she had a "democratic mandate" for a second referendum on Scottish independence, saying she will soon reveal when she intends to call one.


Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has told FRANCE 24 she believes it is "almost inevitable" that the United Kingdom will not leave the European Union on March 29 as planned.

In an interview with European Affairs Editor Catherine Nicholson, the leader of the SNP said her MPs at the UK parliament in Westminster would not vote for Theresa May's Brexit deal in its current form – but when asked did not fully rule out that they might back it in order to avoid a "No Deal" exit from the EU.

The United Kingdom’s departure from the EU has also raised hopes among pro-independence voices in Scotland that another referendum could be held. A previous vote in 2014 saw independence rejected by 55% to 45%. On the prospect of a new referendum, Sturgeon told FRANCE 24 she will soon reveal when she intends to call one.

When asked whether she would go ahead with a referendum even without the approval of Westminster, the First Minister did not rule this out – and said she had a "democratic mandate" for an "IndyRef2".

Programme produced by Joris Zylberman and Roxane Runel.

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