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Artificial intelligence: The future of medicine

By: Delano D'SOUZA | Sonia BARITELLO | Stéphane BERNSTEIN | Stéphanie CHEVAL | Joanna COCKERELL
1 min

Artificial intelligence relates to how a machine or computer programme mimics some of the qualities of the human mind. But how does it apply to the medical world? At Paris's Cochin hospital, a number of start-ups are working on computer programmes to revolutionise the field – in particular for cancer treatment. We went to find out more.


The use of artificial intelligence in medicine poses a number of ethical questions. To discuss these issues, FRANCE 24 spoke to David Gruson, the founder of Ethik-AI. The initiative aims to develop a regulatory framework for artificial intelligence.

Technology is already assisting surgeons in the operating theatre. Artificial intelligence could soon enhance their life-saving work even further. We look at how scientists in Strasbourg are working on ground-breaking programming that could be put into service in the next five years.

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