Week in Review: Nice's Carnival, an immersive van Gogh light show & FRANCE 24 debuts 'Fact or Fake'

In a week full of surprising headlines, FRANCE 24 takes a closer look at France's attempt to move away from glyphosate, Paris's annual agriculture "salon" and European fears over Vladimir Putin's unpredictable behaviour.



Beyond glyphosate: French vineyards shift away from controversial weedkiller

France’s wine industry can become “the first in the world without glyphosate”, President Emmanuel Macron said last week at the Paris Agriculture Fair. But is foregoing the controversial herbicide possible? FRANCE 24 spoke with vintners.

Paris gallery cancels exhibit by artist accused of plagiarising Basquiat

The Sakura art gallery in Paris has cancelled an upcoming exhibit by local artist Guillaume Verda, who has been accused of plagiarising Jean-Michel Basquiat. The controversy has raised the question: When does inspiration become plagiarism?

In pictures: Larger-than-life Nice Carnival celebrates the silver screen

With its “King of Cinema” theme this year, the 135th edition of the Nice Carnival is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the city’s Victorine Studios, a film industry landmark on the French Riviera that has hosted the likes of Truffaut, Cocteau and Hitchcock.



Cold War 2.0? Northern Europe and the threat from Russia

The threat should not be underestimated. Russian President Vladimir Putin's unpredictable behaviour is causing concern in former Soviet bloc countries like Estonia but also in places such as Sweden. Facing military intimidation, cyber attacks and disinformation campaigns, these countries accuse Russia of waging a "hybrid war" against the West. Since the conflict in Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea, they fear they will be next to find themselves on the front line.


'We are available for dialogue,' Zimbabwe's MDC opposition leader tells FRANCE 24

Following recent unrest in Zimbabwe, Nelson Chamisa, leader of the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party, spoke to FRANCE 24. He rejected claims by President Emmerson Mnangagwa that the MDC had attempted "regime change" with foreign backing by organising mass protests in January.


Targeted by IS group, Afghanistan's Hazaras take security into their own hands

A new round of negotiations is opening in Qatar between Washington and the Taliban. The goal is to agree on a peace process that would put an end to the decades-long conflict in Afghanistan. But the Islamic State group is also causing havoc in the country. In Kabul, the Hazaras, a Shiite minority, have been targeted by the terrorist organisation. They are now taking security into their own hands.


FRANCE 24 has launched a new feature aimed at debunking fake news and correcting inaccuracies that are spreading online. Check out “Fact or Fake” on the website or watch it on “Talking Europe” airing Saturdays from 12:10pm Paris time.

Did rescue ships really bring 'hundreds of thousands of immigrants each day' to Italy?

In this episode of Fact or Fake, we look at a claim made by Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. In September 2018, he claimed that charity rescue ships were bringing "hundreds of thousands of immigrants each day" to Italian shores. We checked – and those numbers are greatly exaggerated.

Did France’s Yellow Vest protesters really chant, 'We want Trump'?

The story was shared by an American conservative activist named Charlie Kirk on December 3 and retweeted by President Trump. Kirk’s tweet lists several claims about the Yellow Vest movement in France, including that they were chanting, "We want Trump" in Paris. But as AFP Fact Check pointed out, the video in question is not from France, and is not even a recent recording. We tell you where the video really came from.


Artificial intelligence: The future of medicine

How does artificial intelligence apply to the medical world? At Paris's Cochin hospital, a number of start-ups are working on computer programmes to revolutionise the field, in particular for cancer treatment.


Paris's digital art space Atelier des Lumières is back with immersive Van Gogh exhibit

In this show, we take you behind the scenes of the Argentinian dance show "Che Malambo" here in Paris. Also, we look at a new French nuclear submarine thriller "Le Chant du Loup" (The Wolf's Call) starring Omar Sy. And after the wildly successful Gustav Klimt show, Paris's art space Atelier des Lumières returns with a spectacular immersive light art exhibition on Vincent van Gogh.


Égalité? The evolution of women's rights and the fallout from #MeToo

France is a country of paradoxes:It is famous for strong feminist figures like Simone de Beauvoir, but there's still a long way to go until women have true equality in the workplace and in politics. French Connections Plus looks at women's rights in France.

Holy cow! Understanding France's love of the Agriculture Fair

Every year, 600,000 people flock to the "Salon de l’Agriculture" (Paris Agriculture Fair) in Paris to get a glimpse of life down on the farm. For French politicians, it’s a golden opportunity for a charm offensive. But despite the public displays, the French farming industry is in the midst of a major crisis – with many farmers struggling to survive.


Rugged and red: France's Esterel mountains

The Esterel mountain range, in France's southern Var region, was formed millions of years ago. Made up of red volcanic rocks stretching over 32,000 hectares and lining the Mediterranean coast, the Esterel is ideal for hiking. Famous French writers like Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and Victor Hugo are among those who have spent time here.

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