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Eun-Me Ahn, the S. Korean choreographer bringing N. Korean dance to the masses

A one-of-a-kind dance performance has just wrapped up at Paris's Théâtre de la Ville: the choreography was based on South and North Korean dances, inspired by the warming relations between the two countries. South Korean choreographer Eun-Me Ahn tells us more about her career, and where she drew inspiration for this project.


Also, while the US and the Taliban are holding high-level peace talks, some Afghans are disillusioned with democracy. Despite the militants' brutal and oppressive version of Islamic law, some residents are eager to see the Taliban return to power. Our correspondents report.

Finally, high rents and low pensions in Japan have contributed to a deliberate increase in crime among the elderly. In a sad twist, life on the outside is so difficult that some actually want to spend their golden years behind bars.

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