Inside the Americas

Former Chavist stronghold remains loyal to Maduro

As the power struggle in Venezuela continues, embattled President Nicolas Maduro has spoken out, saying Venezuela faces an "epic battle against global imperialist powers" and calling for his supporters to take to the streets. A sizeable section of Venezuelan society still backs Maduro, seeing him as the rightful heir to the late leader Hugo Chavez. Our reporters Catherine Norris Trent, Karim Yahiaoui and Abdallah Malkawi went to meet them in Caracas.


Meanwhile, in Canada, pressure is mounting on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau following three high-profile resignations. Most recently, a member of his cabinet who was Treasury Board President said she was quitting over allegations his government tried to interfere in a fraud case against a major construction firm.

And a cave containing hundreds of artefacts is being studied for the first time in Mexico. The untouched cave in the province of Yucatan may hold the clues to the rise and fall of the Mayan empire.

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