Why Iraq's doctors are working in a climate of fear

In Iraq, medicine can be a matter of life and death - not only for patients, but also for doctors. Medics say they regularly risk being harassed, threatened and even kidnapped on the job, meaning many are now considering leaving Iraq to work abroad. We follow the story of two doctors who've chosen to stay in the southern city of Basra.


Meanwhile, the Islamic State group is facing defeat in its last strip of territory on the Syrian-Iraqi border. Amid intense air strikes from the international coalition, 3,000 people fled the Syrian village of Baghouz on Monday. At least 150 fighters have surrendered to local Kurdish forces. But hundreds of the most battle-hardened jihadists are thought to remain inside the village - along with civilians being used as human shields. Our colleagues from France 2 report from the frontline.

Also, we bring you the ninth episode of "Flavours of Iraq", an animation series by Franco-Iraqi journalist Feurat Alani. In "The Honour of Ramadi", he takes us to the Iraqi city of Ramadi, where warmth and honour are key to people’s identities.

And we look at efforts to save Egypt's catacombs. Archaeologists in Alexandria have completed a complex project, designed to prevent rising water levels destroying one of ancient Egypt's largest burial sites.

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