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Brexit, etc: European growth hit by political uncertainty

A slowdown showdown: Brexit and trade tensions leave European economic growth grinding to a near-halt. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development says a disorderly or no-deal Brexit would substantially raise costs for European economies. For more, Stephen Carroll speaks to the OECD's chief economist Laurence Boone.


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  • Dublin's dilemma: Brexit a major risk, despite new firms moving in

The Irish economy is among those set to be worst hit by Brexit, particularly if the UK leaves without a deal. But Dublin has at the same time been attracting increased investment since the vote - with many financial firms choosing to open offices or expand their operations there.

  • Brexit & the City: Has the rumoured jobs 'Brexodus' materialised?

After the Brexit referendum in 2016, there were warnings that tens of thousands of financial industry jobs could be lost in London. With now weeks to go until the UK is set to leave, it seems that the final number of jobs affected will be much lower. Kate Moody looks at what has actually changed.

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