The World This Week

Algeria protests, lights out in Venezuela, International Women's Day, Macron's European 'renaissance'

The week began with Algerians discovering that their bed-ridden, partially paralyzed, 82-year-old president had indeed filed to run for a fifth term. The groundswell of protests has since gone crescendo, with students, journalists, lawyers out on the streets - and now more protests on International Women's Day.


Meanwhile, Venezuela was forced to shut schools and suspend the workday this Friday, crippled by its worst blackout in decades. The outage began late afternoon on Thursday. It comes in the midst of an economic meltdown and the battle between President Nicolas Maduro and rival leader Juan Guaido for international recognition.

Also, on the eve of International Women's Day, El Salvador's Supreme Court commuted the 30-year sentences of three women imprisoned for abortions to time served and ordered their immediate release. The trio all claimed they had miscarriages.

Finally, the party of France's president doesn't yet have a slate of candidates for European elections, but that didn't stop Emmanuel Macron from unofficially kicking off his campaign this week with a direct appeal to EU citizens, translated into all the languages of the continent.

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