'Brex-what?' Episode 2: Why did Cameron call the referendum?


Our series 'Brex-what?' talks you through the complex questions surrounding Brexit. In the second episode, we look at the political pressures and risky gambles that led to the fateful 2016 referendum.


Do you feel lost when it comes to Brexit? Not caught up with the latest twists and turns? Luckily FRANCE 24 is on hand to help. Our series 'Brex-what?' breaks down the complexities about Brexit, issue by issue. From the troubled history between the UK and Europe, to the infamous Irish backstop, to the chances of there being a second referendum, we resume all the thorny questions in two-minute segments.

Given the chaos and divisions that have ensued, why did then UK prime minister David Cameron call the referendum in the first place? Episode 2 of our series trace back the political pressures at play in Britain, civil war in the Tory party and the rise of UKIP.
'Brex-what?' is presented by FRANCE 24 Senior Reporter Catherine Norris Trent, produced and edited by Valérie Fouace, with illustrations by Adel Gastel.

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