Week in Review: Algeria protests, feminising French and Neneh Cherry’s ‘Broken Politics’

This week FRANCE 24 looked at the massive street protests sweeping Algeria, the fault lines linking the Kashmiri standoff, the battle to end centuries of male linguistic dominance in France and much more.



Tens of thousands of Algerians protest against Bouteflika’s fifth term bid

Tens of thousands of people rallied again in Algeria this week in the biggest protests yet against ailing President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's bid for a fifth term in office. The 82-year-old leader has warned against the risk of "chaos", but Algerians thirsting for change are refusing to be cowed.

Macron’s declaration of love an awkward scoop for Italy’s state TV

Aimed at healing a vicious diplomatic spat between France and Italy, French President Emmanuel Macron’s primetime interview on Italian television has shed light on the battle waged by Italy's ruling populist parties for control of the country’s state broadcaster.

The treacherous fault lines between Kashmir and the Afghan peace negotiations

The US is pushing negotiations with the Taliban in a bid to cut its losses and leave Afghanistan. But the recent India-Pakistan conflagration over Kashmir has exposed the treacherous fault lines in one of the world’s most incendiary regions.

Stringer, Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs, AFP

Vinegar test at the forefront of the fight against cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is one of the top killers of women in many parts of the world, yet it can be detected with a common household item: vinegar. Health organisations are working on spreading the word on the simple screening technique.


Meet the Tunisian fisherman determined to keep saving migrants at sea

European migration policy has a direct impact on the fishermen of Zarzis, a village in the south of Tunisia. Like national border guards, fishermen are required by international law to provide assistance to people in distress at sea. But this obligation can put them at odds with European authorities. Our Tunisia correspondents met one fisherman who has been arrested and accused of smuggling migrants, but is determined to keep saving lives.


US Africa policy chief vows 'more sanctions' on DR Congo officials

Our guest is a career diplomat who's been called back to lead the US State Department's Bureau of African Affairs for the Trump administration. US Assistant Secretary of State Tibor Nagy is in Paris ahead of a two-week tour of central African nations. He spoke to FRANCE 24's François Picard about the protests in Sudan and Algeria; the recent elections in DR Congo; and the situation in Cameroon.


Fixing 'Broken Politics' with song: Neneh Cherry gets philosophical

She slips through the cracks as soon as you try to categorise her. Rap, pop, jazz and even a bit of soul: Neneh Cherry has always straddled genres. She sits down with FRANCE 24's Olivia Salazar-Winspear to talk about the "Broken Politics" that inspired her fifth solo album, the reflective place she's in when it comes to art and life, and what she thinks of the UK's exit from the European Union.


Is the French language inherently sexist?

The Académie Française - the guard dog of the French language - recently ended centuries of male linguistic dominance by embracing the "feminisation" of job titles. It's a semantic revolution that's been met with mixed reactions. This latest attempt to fight for gender equality through language once again raises the question: Is French inherently sexist? And why is there so much resistance to change?

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