End to onside kicks among NFL clubs' rule change ideas


New York (AFP)

Replacing onside kick attempts with a difficult fourth-down play was among the NFL rule change ideas suggested by clubs, the league announced.

The rule, among three proposed by the Denver Broncos, would allow once a game in the fourth quarter a team to forego a kickoff or kick after giving up a safety in exchange for one play for the chance to keep possession.

The ball would be spotted at the kicking team's 35-yard line in a fourth down and 15 yards to gain situation. A team would have to reach midfield to keep possession, otherwise their opponents would gain possession.

Any rule changes must be approved by the league after evaluation from NFL officials, the competition committee giving recommendations on alterations.

Denver also wants to see touchdown conversion attempts and fourth-down plays ruled short of the line to gain subject to automatic video reviews, while Philadelphia wants scoring plays and turnovers negated by fouls to receive an automatic review.

The Kansas City Chiefs are pitching a change to over-time rules that would require each team have the chance to possess the ball even if the first team with the ball scores a touchdown.

Eventual Super Bowl champion New England defeated Kansas City in the American Conference championship game when the Patriots won the coin toss in over-time and drove downfield for the deciding touchdown, leaving the Chiefs no opportunity to respond.

The Chiefs also seek an end to over-time periods in pre-season games and to give the winner of the pre-game coin toss the choices in over-time also without another coin flip.

Washington wants to see all plays made subject to a coaches' challenge for video review and to add personal fouls to those requiring video review.

Four clubs want to see safety-related fouls subject to a coaches' challenge whether or not they are called by an official on the field.