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Refugees in Lebanon: The catch-22 of Syria's Law 10

Syria's civil war may be winding down, but many Syrian refugees are wary about returning to what remains of their homes. Last year, the regime of President Bashar al-Assad passed a bill known as Law 10 which in essence allows the authorities to forcefully remove residents from neighbourhoods once controlled by anti-Assad rebels. This controversial law means Syrian families fear the worst if they try to return home.


Also, in south-eastern Turkey, candidates are gearing up for local elections at the end of March. But for some, traditional door-to-door canvassing is proving futile. Would-be voters simply aren't home. Many of them have fled ongoing clashes between Kurdish rebels and the Turkish army.

And we're halfway through our animated "Flavours of Iraq" series. In episode 10, "Guard Dogs", Franco-Iraqi journalist Feurat Alani takes us back to a chaotic 1995 border crossing from Jordan into Iraq with his family.

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