Burfict released by Bengals


Los Angeles (AFP)

The Cincinnati Bengals released linebacker Vontaze Burfict on Monday after seven seasons marked by regular suspensions and disciplinary problems.

The 28-year-old was shown the door by the Bengals after a disappointing 2018 campaign which began with a four-game suspension.

A hip injury and concussion issues disrupted the remainder of his season, with Burfict only playing seven times.

Burfict now faces an uncertain future as he looks for employment elsewhere.

At his peak, Burfict was known as a formidable tackler but frequently strayed across the line of legality on and off the field.

Last year's suspension for violating rules on performance-enhancing drugs was the third multi-game suspension he had incurred since 2016.

He was banned for foul play at the start of the 2016 season and was hit with a three-game ban in 2017 after an illegal hit on a defenseless Kansas City Chiefs player.

Burfict's checkered disciplinary record has cost him more than $1 million in fines and forfeited game fees to date.