Lime CEO: 'We ask our users to take a photo to validate where they park'

Brad Bao, the CEO and co-founder of Lime, one of the biggest players in the world of ride-sharing bicycles and scooters, gives us his perspective on the benefits and potential pitfalls of the scheme. Critics say the vehicles, which users rent via their mobile phones, are a public nuisance and unfairly impinge on pedestrians. Paris is currently the biggest market for Lime. The city has just decided to start taxing the scheme, something that Bao says he welcomes.


"The vision we have cannot be realized only by us. We are working very actively with cities and communities to try and educate users on proper places to park. We use technology to ask users after they finish to take a photo of where they park so we can validate it", Bao told FRANCE 24.

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