US launches another trade investigation against China over cabinetry

Washington (AFP) –


Washington launched yet another trade investigation against China on Wednesday, claiming the country dumps wooden cabinetry into the US market, competing unfairly with domestic producers.

The US Commerce Department said Chinese producers receive "unfair subsidies" and the products range from 177 to 262 percent below their value.

If the department determines that the complaint from the American Kitchen Cabinet Alliance is valid, it could impose massive tariffs on the goods to compensate for the artificially low price.

However, that decision would be reviewed by the autonomous International Trade Commission. The process could take several months to reach a final decision.

In 2018, imports of wooden cabinets and vanities from China were valued at an estimated $4.4 billion, the Commerce Department said in a statement.

President Donald Trump's aggressive trade and tariffs policies have focused primarily on China, and have included numerous dumping cases against many steel and aluminum products, among others.

The Commerce Department has initiated a total 157 antidumping investigations against many countries, including goods like Spanish olives, Canadian lumber and rubber bands from Sri Lanka.