Down to Earth

Climate change in the era of fake news

It's hard to imagine, but thirty years ago no one spoke of climate change. In fact, no one spoke of fake news either. Yet today, the pair are uneasy bedfellows.


With more than 200,000 scientific studies containing the word "climate" published every year, there has never been as much information on the topic as there is today, but with this wealth of information comes disinformation.

According to Climate Feedback, a site where scientists rate the accuracy of articles from mainstream media, approximately one big fake news story is shared millions of times in the English-speaking press each month. Most fake news, however, comes from climate sceptics who spread false claims on social media. Sometimes they are easy to decipher, but with climate change being so complicated it’s hard to cut through the barrage of misinformation. So how can one navigate climate news in the era of fake news?

In this episode of Down to Earth, we look into why climate change has become the perfect target of fake news, and what you can do to protect yourself against it.

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