In southern Texas, Trump's border wall divides Americans

In the Rio Grande Valley, construction of Donald Trump's border wall will soon begin along the US-Mexico border. But not everyone in Texas is in favour of this plan, even among Republicans, as our reporters found out.


A 19th-century chapel could soon be in the shadow of a huge concrete wall. In the city of Mission, in southern Texas, Father Roy Snipes is one of the most vocal opponents of Donald Trump’s wall. Father Snipes is fighting to preserve the religious building, with the support of the local mayor and many residents of this small border town.

The wall already exists here, but it stops in several places. The US president has declared a national emergency to bypass Congress and unlock the money to extend it. Expropriation procedures have already started, much to the concern of the owners.

The chapel of Father Roy Snipes in Mission, Texas, lies on the path of the border wall.
The chapel of Father Roy Snipes in Mission, Texas, lies on the path of the border wall. Matthieu Fauroux

For this report along the Mexican border, our journalists went to meet Texans who are threatened by the construction of the wall. Some voted for Trump, but today they dispute the merits of this gigantic undertaking. Sanctuaries such as the National Butterfly Center, a park that houses many wildlife species, are located on the wall's path.

But others are still strong supporters of the project, like the police chief of McAllen, a city on the US-Mexico border. The region alone accounts for more than half of all illegal immigration to the United States. Last year, 162,000 undocumented migrants were arrested along the Rio Grande.

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