Week in Review: Juliana Margulies, Tutankhamun comes to Paris and are the French baby crazy?

Juliana Margulies speaks to FRANCE 24 about her new medical thriller “The Hot Zone”, a new campaign tries to curtail wine drinking and France bucks a global trend by having lots of babies. Also, the Louvre pyramid celebrates its 30th birthday.



The Louvre pyramid that shocked Paris turns 30

When the Louvre’s new entrance – a glass pyramid – was first unveiled 30 years ago, many in France were shocked by its revolutionary design. But “la pyramide” has been key to making the Louvre the most-visited museum in the world.

Yellow Vest protests: Macron's 'risky' plan to put the army on the streets

For the first time last Saturday, French President Emmanuel Macron mobilised soldiers to help maintain security during the weekly Yellow Vest protests. But the new "zero tolerance" approach has been met with some fierce criticism.

France faces blackface debate as students block Greek tragedy at Sorbonne

Paris has been grappling with its own version of a blackface scandal after activists blocked a performance involving actors in black masks for a work by the ancient Greek playwright Aeschylus at Sorbonne university.

France sees rise in conversion therapies to ‘cure’ homosexuality

The film "Boy Erased" addresses the controversial conversion "therapies" used in the United States that attempt to change homosexual children into heterosexuals. Such treatments are surprisingly common in France.

‘Quoi, just two glasses?’ Study finds a quarter of French people drink too much

France has launched a national campaign to encourage the wine-loving French to cut down on their drinking after a study showed that a quarter of them over-consume. But many still feel that “a nice meal can’t be enjoyed without a good wine”.



Grace Meng, wife of missing Interpol chief: 'I'm afraid China will kidnap me and my boys'

The wife of Interpol's former chief, who has not heard from her husband since he vanished six months ago on a trip to his native China, says she has been the target of intimidation and kidnapping attempts by Chinese agents. She accuses the regime of falsely accusing her husband of corruption and says his arrest is political. Under round-the-clock protection by French police, she has written to President Macron urging him to raise her husband’s case as he hosted Chinese president Xi Jinping.


New exhibit on ancient Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun opens in Paris

A new Paris exhibition highlights art dating from the era of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. Nearly 100 years after the discovery of the boy king's tomb, scientific analysis has revealed new information about both his health and lineage. This must-see expo comes more than five decades after a similar exhibit welcomed a record number of visitors.


Tracking Mullah Omar: How the US failed to catch the former Taliban leader

Taliban founder and leader Mullah Omar, who died in 2013, had a $10 million US bounty on his head. But the Americans never found him. A new biography says Omar was hiding out in an Afghan village within walking distance of those hunting for him. Dutch author and journalist Bette Dam spent more than five years researching Omar's life for her book, "Searching for an Enemy".


Julianna Margulies: The Good Wife, Doctor and Juror

She won the hearts of audiences as Nurse Carol Hathaway and bagged an Emmy for her work in "ER" in the process. "The Good Wife" saw Julianna Margulies promoted to mini-series royalty as Alicia Florrick, the wronged woman who went on to inspire women across the globe. As she wraps shooting on the medical thriller "The Hot Zone", Margulies joins the jury at the Séries Mania festival in Lille.


Baby crazy: Why do the French have so many kids?

While other countries struggle with an ageing and shrinking population, France is the baby-making champion of Europe. So what explains this "French exception", and is it sustainable?


Haute couture, summer 2019: Down with uniforms!

Whether it’s floaty sun dresses, cotton shirts or denim cut-offs, we all tend to return to the same summer looks. But it may be time to shake things up and ditch our seasonal uniforms. Inspiration can be found in the rarified world of haute couture, whether the designs can be "arty" like those from Iris van Herpen or worn with cowboy boots like at Schiaparelli.

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