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Spycam epidemic: Hidden camera industry comes under fire in South Korea

By: William HILDERBRANDT Follow | Joanna COCKERELL | Sonia BARITELLO | Stéphanie CHEVAL
1 min

South Korea is trying to crack down on illicit filming, a major problem in the high-tech nation. Thousands of cases are reported each year. Last month, four men were arrested for secretly filming 1,600 people in motels across the country. The footage was then livestreamed online for paying customers to watch.


Meanwhile, Japan's emperor will make way at the end of the month for his eldest son, the crown prince. The transition will mark a new era for Japan. After months of secret deliberations, officials selected the name of the era as Reiwa, which means "order and harmony".

And while rice is the staple crop in China, the potato's influence is growing. The crop could help address challenges in the rural economy and the environment. It may be the perfect recipe for the spud to go from dud to stud.

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