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Brazil: Military discipline at school

Brazil's new minister of education caused an outcry among some when he proposed that schoolchildren recite President Jair Bolsonaro's campaign slogan each morning. But plenty of other Brazilians are happy to see more conservativism in schools. They are followers of a movement close to the Bolsonaro administration, and to Evangelical churches which claim to be fighting indoctrination in public schools after too many years of leftist government. Our correspondents report.


Meanwhile, in Venezuela, opposition leader Juan Guaido gets stripped of his parliamentary immunity from prosecution. He says the move from those loyal to Nicolas Maduro has left him undeterred.

And 35 years after his death, Marvin Gaye fans have something to celebrate. The so-called "lost" album sees the Motown star pursuing the political direction he'd taken after "What's Going On".

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