Is the Israeli city of Haifa a model of religious co-existence?

FRANCE 24 screengrab

With just one day to go until the Israeli parliamentary election, FRANCE 24 visited the city of Haifa, often described as a model of religious co-existence. But some of the city's Arab inhabitants say they feel like second-class citizens.


Haifa, on Israel’s northern coast, has been portrayed as a model of co-existence – a place where Jews, Muslims and Christians live side by side in perfect harmony.

But despite efforts to promote this co-existence, parts of Haifa’s Arab population say they feel they are treated as second-class citizens, and are being discriminated against.

Israeli Arabs currently constitute the third-largest block in the Israeli parliament, but it remains difficult for them to blend in as rightwing parties accuse them of being traitors, intent on destroying the Jewish state.

Click on the player above to watch FRANCE 24’s report from Haifa.

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