Has Johnson lost control? Move to block no-deal Brexit triggers call for snap poll

So you're the new UK prime minister and you lose your very first vote. Boris Johnson's inauspicious start included 21 MPs from his own Conservative Party shrugging off the threat of banishment and crossing the aisle. Has Boris lost control? Of parliament, definitely. Of the Tories? It's too early to say.


Having lost his majority, Johnson's clear aim is to sharpen his knives for a UK general election where you might want to forget the old school, centre-left versus centre-right political blocs. They have already been blown away in France and Italy, while splintering badly in Spain and Germany.

In Britain, there's still a fog surrounding the new political fault lines, but it's clear that Johnson prefers to rally a small but energised core of Brexiteers rather than to try and preserve a big tent Tory party. Will that strategy work? What next for the world's longest-running parliamentary democracy?

Produced by Yi SONG, Juliette LAURAIN and Ingri BERGO.

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