Down to Earth

Can Paris go 100% electric?

Paris has set itself an ambitious target: becoming carbon neutral by 2050. The city has unveiled plans to phase out diesel and petrol cars by 2030, while it seeks to electrify urban transport.


Whether it’s a bike, scooter, unicycle or even a hoverboard, electric modes of transport are increasingly popular in the French capital. The problem is that these new ways of getting around are often adopted by those who would have otherwise taken public transport. The real challenge is convincing people to give up their cars, or at least switch to cleaner ones.

For now, the city has put in place a series of incentives to boost the use of electric cars. It offers €5,000 for anyone buying a so-called "clean vehicle" and parking is free for all electric vehicles. But how easy is it to be 100% electric in a city like Paris?

The Down to Earth team put the city to the test with drivers who recently switched to an electric car.

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