Giving peace a chance: Algerian youth groups launch new initiatives

FRANCE 24 Screengrab

Algerian youth organisations have launched a new initiative to motivate young people to take an active role in the country’s political life.


For these activists, the time for change has come. The Algerian people are preparing to lay the foundations for a new Algeria. The initiative, called ‘Young People Take Action’, has the backing of some 20 Algerian youth organisations.

‘For many years, young people have been excluded from public and political life, said Nacim Filali, President of Sidra association. “Today I think there is an opportunity for young people but also for youth organisations to organise themselves and to be able to open a dialogue with political decision-makers.”

“Young women and young men must participate in the Algeria of tomorrow, ” said Meriem Chikirou, director of Sharek. “It must not be restricted to a certain part of the population. It should be open to those who live in cities, or the country, the disabled, regardless of gender.”

The initiative comes as hundreds of Algerians and Franco-Algerians gathered in Paris for what’s become a weekly demonstration in support of those being held in Algeria itself.

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