Week in Review: The world watches as Notre-Dame burns and Cannes announces its selections

FRANCE 24 reported from outside Notre-Dame in the wake of the blaze that threatened to destroy one of the world's most beloved landmarks. Also, the 72nd annual Cannes film festival announced its "romantic, political" selections.



‘It’s a funeral’: Tears, prayers and shock as Paris mourns Notre-Dame

FRANCE 24 spoke to some of the thousands of Parisians gathered in the streets around Notre-Dame on Monday evening to hold a vigil after a devastating fire tore through the city’s beloved cathedral.

Donations after Notre-Dame fire spark controversy

The calamitous fire at Notre-Dame elicited an unprecedented outpouring of generosity from donors near and far, great and small. But as the embers cooled, cracks appeared in the initial spirit of unity and controversy flared over funding.

Restoring Notre-Dame: Tough decisions ahead

French President Emmanuel Macron set out an ambitious five-year timeline for the reconstruction of Paris’s famed Notre-Dame Cathedral. But architects and experts disagree about the feasibility of his plan.



Notre-Dame: An enduring symbol of French resilience

As Paris and much of the world reeled after a massive fire broke out at Notre-Dame, we explore what the cathedral means to the French. Notre-Dame is much more than a place of worship and a popular tourist destination; it’s part of the heart and soul of the capital and a symbol of an eternal Paris. The charred structure has become an emblem of resilience and France’s capacity to bounce back after tragedy.


FRANCE 24 reported from outside Notre-Dame in the wake of the blaze that destroyed the cathedral's roof and dramatically felled its iconic spire as the whole world watched. We spoke to politicians, historians, architects and passersby about their reactions to the blaze and what lies ahead for the beloved landmark.

Notre-Dame Cathedral fire: FRANCE 24's Special edition (Part 1)

Notre-Dame Cathedral fire: FRANCE 24's Special edition (Part 2)


Cannes Film Festival Chronicle

The Cannes film festival has announced the official selections for its 72nd annual edition. We take a look at the filmmaking heavyweights and the new generation of directors showing their work this year.

Cannes announces its 2019 line-up: A 'romantic, political' crop of films

Festival director Thierry Frémaux seems to be balancing industry heavyweights with a dynamic new generation of filmmakers in this year’s official selection. Palme d’Or winners Ken Loach, Terrence Malick and the Dardennes brothers are all presenting their latest releases alongside features from Xavier Dolan, Céline Sciamma and Mati Diop.


Life on France's rivers and canals

In the French region of Normandy, we meet a family who have decided to live on a barge. Moored in the town of Vernon, they enjoy life on the River Seine. It's an idyllic setting that can also pose special challenges.

Clash of the European Commission candidates (Part I)

FRANCE 24 hosted the first televised debate between the two candidates seen as front-runners to become the next president of the European Commission: Current first vice-president of the EU Commission Frans Timmermans from the Party of European Socialists and Manfred Weber of the centre-right European People's Party. (Click here to view Part II)


France's 'great national debate' produces mandate to slash taxes

Macron's "great national debate" has come to a close – with a clear mandate to reduce taxes. The debate's marathon series of town hall meetings were aimed at helping the government understand the root causes of public discontent – and specifically, the Yellow Vest protest movement. We take a closer look at why the tax burden in France is so high.


Amr Waked, the Egyptian actor who dared to speak out

Amr Waked is an actor and filmmaker known to international audiences for his roles in Hollywood films like "Syriana" and "Lucy". But most recently, he has been in the spotlight for a different reason: The 46-year-old Egyptian was expelled from the country's actors' union for committing what's being referred to as "high treason" after he spoke out against President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi at a meeting with members of the US Congress.

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