FRANCE 24 speaks to Alaa Salah, the new face of Sudan's protest movement

AFP | Alaa Salah, a Sudanese woman propelled to internet fame after clips of her leading protest chants went viral, addresses a demonstration against President Omar al-Bashir at military headquarters in Khartoum on April 10.

Alaa Salah is a Sudanese woman who gained internet fame after images of her leading protest chants against President Omar al-Bashir went viral. FRANCE 24 spoke to her about the demonstrations and what is next for Sudan after Bashir's resignation.


Protests erupted against President Omar al-Bashir's regime in December over a government decision to end subsidies and a subsequent sharp rise in bread prices. The unrest quickly escalated into nationwide demonstrations in a country already grappling with regular shortages of food, medicine and cash.

On April 11 the unrest reached a fever pitch, with the army announcing that Bashir had been arrested and a military council would run the country for a two-year transitional period, bringing an end to the strongman's 30-year reign. Since then, demonstrators and the military have been trying to reach an agreement about where the country should be headed next, with talks currently suspended due to an impasse.

Click on the video player above to view FRANCE 24's interview with Alaa Salah.

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