Irish singer-songwriter Liv Monaghan: 'Originality comes from honesty'

Pulling from jazz, soul, rock and romanticism to create an alternative, sometimes experimental, often poetic and always original sound, Liv Monaghan is a singer-songwriter and costume designer from the Emerald Isle. Living and working in France since 2012, her latest album "Slow Exhale" was released at the end of last year. She joined us for Perspective.


The Irish singer-songwriter told us what it’s like living in Paris and whether the city’s jazz history is a help or a hindrance. She also let us into her creative process. "I don’t strive to be original," she explained. "It’s not something I'm sitting at my piano thinking I must be original. It just comes from being honest and allowing myself to go with whatever comes at that time and of course taking in those influences that come from Ireland."

Mixing her Irish heritage with those of her fellow musicians who come from a wide range of backgrounds, Monaghan is founder and frontwoman of the Alternative Jazz project Bird&Bass.

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