As it happened: Venezuela's Guiado calls for new protests in anti-Maduro uprising

Federico Parra / AFP | Forces loyal to President Nicolas Maduro confront supporters of opposition leader Juan Guaido in Caracas on April 30, 2019.

Protesters clashed with security forces on the streets of Caracas Tuesday after Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido's called on the military to rise up against President Nicolas Maduro.

  • Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido said Tuesday that a group of "brave soldiers" were supporting his uprising against President Nicolas Maduro in a video broadcast on social media.
  • Later, several dozen armed troops accompanying Guaido clashed with soldiers supporting Maduro at a rally in Caracas, and large anti-government protests in the streets turned violent.
  • Maduro's government said the attempted "coup" had been defeated, but Guaido called on the military to "keep advancing" against Maduro and for his supporters to take to the streets again on Wednesday.
  • Guaido announced on January 23 that he was the country's acting president, claiming that Maduro's 2018 win was fraudulent.
  • The Trump administration has stated its support for Guaido. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted that "The US government fully supports the Venezuelan people in their quest for freedom and democracy."

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