Trump's parade, EU top jobs, Sea-Watch, Hong Kong protests, Women's World Cup

Our panel of journalists discuss the big topics of the week, starting with Bastille Day that came early this year... to Washington. Donald Trump opted for a Fourth of July like none before, with tanks and planes. We then discuss the EU 28 putting aside calls for Spitzenkandidaten - lead candidates from recent European elections - to get the top jobs and instead adopting a good old-fashioned Franco-German compromise.


Staying in the Mediterranean, while EU leaders were divvying up top jobs, Carola Rackete, the 31-year-old captain of a German rescue boat took the decision to force an Italian naval blockade and take 40 rescued migrants to dry land in Lampedusa.

Despite the perils, more migrants might try their luck after air strikes against a migrant detention centre on the outskirts of Tripoli that have left at least 53 people dead. The bombing is being attributed to forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar - forces which are trying to take the capital.

In Asia, it’s perhaps a turning point for Hong Kong's mass protests. Mothers rallied this Friday in a park, hours after students rejected closed-door talks with the executive. They wanted their meeting to be public, after news of the first court cases related to Monday's brief takeover of the legislative council.

Finally, the Women's World Cup final here in France on Sunday will feature the defending champions against the European champions.

Produced by Alessandro XENOS, Juliette LAURAIN and Ingri BERGO

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