Meet the people tracking Islamic State group violence

A group called "Sound and Picture Organisation" seeks to track down atrocities committed by extremist outfits, including the Islamic State group. They have 70 members worldwide, some of whom are a network of clandestine individuals, who have been reporting on IS group activities in the region. Beyond that, they also have specialists who work to analyse and identify material distributed by extremist groups. Mohammad Khedhr, who's part of the organisation, tells us about his network.


In Yemen, a four-year-long conflict has forced more than three million people to flee their homes. A majority have been internally displaced. According to the UN refugee agency, only 200,000 have found refuge in neighbouring countries, including Ethiopia, Somalia and Egypt. Our team on the ground reports from the heart of the Yemeni refugee community in Cairo.

And we bring you another episode of "Flavours of Iraq". In "The Sounds of Baghdad", our protagonist Feurat Alani describes the conflict in 2004, when Iraqis heard everything from sirens to the roar of rockets.

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