Inside Venezuela's upper-class bubble

Venezuela is facing the worst economic and political crisis in its history. Hyperinflation and power blackouts are making daily life even more unbearable for a population which is already suffering from chronic food shortages. But despite the country's descent into chaos, some younger sections of Venezuelan society are still managing to live life to the full and are at the same time doing their bit to help out. We tell you more.


Meanwhile, Mexico is considered one of the most dangerous countries to be a journalist. Of the 180 nations in Reporters Without Borders' annual ranking, it comes fairly close to the bottom, in 144th position. Even the recent World Press Freedom Day was marred by the death of a reporter in the south of Mexico, but on the same day, a team of seven journalists were presented with a prize for their investigative work. We take a closer look.

And marking one hundred years since the birth of Eva Perón. We find out more about how the life of this 20th-century icon is being celebrated in Argentina.

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