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Countdown begins to crucial EU elections

It's one of the biggest elections in the world: More than 400 million voters are eligible to take part from 28 different countries, all electing the 751 members of the European Parliament. This year's vote has been described as the most important ever – coming just three years after the UK's vote to quit the EU, and with the political landscape splintering around Europe. FRANCE 24 brings you a new show that follows all the latest developments in the run-up to EU elections.


French candidates have launched their official campaigns – from traditional parties to pro-animal rights to royalist factions – making for a record 34 lists for voters to pick from on May 26. FRANCE 24’s Europe Tour takes us to one of France’s most deprived regions, where the railway station is almost abandoned and local farmers face a bleak future. Can the Yellow Vest movement, the government – or both – give them hope?

We also go behind the scenes at the EU Parliament in Brussels to find out how lobbyists ply their trade and take a look at how much influence they really have.

Finally, we investigate the truth behind the claim that the European Parliament is actually a powerless institution.

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