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Why India has the world's highest number of selfie deaths

It's an ignominious title for India, now known as the world's worst place for selfie deaths. Whether by drowning, being hit by a train or falling, researchers estimate that about half of the so-called "killfies" worldwide occur in the country. Indian authorities have been trying to raise awareness about the dangers of taking extreme selfies. We tell you more.


Meanwhile, in Xinjiang, China, an estimated one million of the country’s Muslim minority are being held in detention camps. Our reporters Angelique Forget and Antoine Védeilhé gained rare access to the region, and crisscrossed the world to speak to a lucky few who got out.

Finally, due to its geographic location, Bangladesh is disproportionately affected by climate change. Rising water levels could one day lead to a mass exodus of millions of people. We take a closer look.

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