Uruguay to extradite suspect in lawmaker's killing

Montevideo (AFP) –


Uruguay is preparing to extradite a 25-year-old Argentine man wanted in connection with the killing last week of lawmaker Hector Olivares and his friend outside Buenos Aires' congress building, a prosecutor said Tuesday.

A judge in Montevideo "issued a sentence of extradition" which went uncontested by the defense in a hearing Tuesday, prosecutor Juan Gomez said.

Juan Navarro Cadiz was arrested in Uruguay in the aftermath of the May 9 shooting and held in custody pending the hearing of an extradition request from Argentina.

The extradition "depends on the acceptance of the conditions imposed by the judge," said Gomez, including that Cadiz would not be subject to a life sentence -- abolished in Uruguay and many other Latin American countries -- if eventually found guilty.

Six people in total have been detained in connection with shooting.

Olivares, 61, died of his wounds on Sunday, four days after the shooting that left his long-time friend Marcelo Yadon dead at the scene.

The motive of the shooting is still not known.

Press reports in Argentina have said it may have been linked to a relationship that Yadon was having with a much younger daughter of one of the assailants.

The shooting was caught on security cameras. Shots were fired at Olivares and Yadon from inside a car parked outside the Congress building.