Michael Caine to headline 'Best Sellers' as razor-tongued writer

Cannes (France) (AFP) –


British actor Michael Caine is to take on the role of a grumpy washed-up author in the film "Best Sellers" which will begin shooting in Canada in July, the distributors said at Cannes.

The story revolves around the fate of a boutique publishing house and the ambitious young editor who is trying to save it by setting off on a crazy book tour with Caine, a whisky-drinking author well past his prime who just wants to stay at home with his cat.

"With 'bullshite' as his rallying cry, Caine weaves a character that is hilarious in its rage, yet so touching in its vulnerability," Mark Damon of Foresight Unlimited told media at Cannes on Wednesday, describing it as "a wonderful script".

Now 86, Caine has for many years professed to be semi-retired, but continues to add to his vast body of work, most recently appearing last year in "King of Thieves", based on the true story of a gang of retired crooks who pull off a major jewellery heist in London.