The Europe Report: Election countdown roundup (part 1)

Join us as we count down to the European elections. In this show we bring you a roundup of some highlights from the first week of official campaigning, including a record 34 election lists for French voters to choose from, plus a heartstring-tugging bid for higher turnout featuring newborn babies.


We also have special reports from the FRANCE 24 Europe Tour: how French Yellow Vest protesters plan to vote – or not; and how Italy’s new migration laws are taking effect.

FRANCE 24 Brussels correspondent Alix Le Bourdon takes us behind the scenes of the EU parliament, with a fly-on-the-wall look at lobbyists.

And in Fact or Fake: our team debunks a claim that the European Parliament is powerless.

A programme presented by Catherine Nicholson

Produced by Yi Song.

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