Senegal payments service Wari now on WhatsApp

Paris (AFP) –


Users of the messaging platform WhatsApp will now have access to the services of Wari, the Senegalese payments firm said Wednesday.

"The availability of Wari's financial services on WhatsApp will allow millions of consumers to easily intiate financial transactions no matter where they are located in the world," the firm said in a statement.

African firms were pioneers in providing mobile payment services as people in many countries on the continent had no access to bank accounts, but quickly acquired mobile phones.

Like its rivals in the region, Wari, which means money in the Bambara language used in West Africa, also allows clients to pay bills and buy mobile phone credit, and now offers payment cards as well.

WhatsApp users will now be able to charge their Wari accounts and use its other services, including making financial transfers.

Wari, currently available in French, English, Spanish, Italian and Portugese, plans to soon offer its services in Russian and Arabic.

It boasts 500,000 points of service in 60 countries.