The Europe Report: UK PM's resignation brings Brexit wariness

It was an emotional goodbye for Theresa May – and one that's brought new Brexit apprehension to European capitals. The British prime minister announced just two days before the European Parliament results night that she'll step down on June 7. We have reaction from the French, German, Irish and Spanish leaders, plus chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier.


Elsewhere in the UK, groups representing EU citizens living in Britain are calling for all those denied the chance to vote on Thursday to lodge official complaints. The Electoral Commission blames the administrative bungles on the late calling of the poll.

Tens of thousands of young people march, shout and demonstrate across Europe and beyond to get climate concern high on voters’ minds as they head to the polls.

We also have a special report from Brussels’ Molenbeek district: the neighbourhood where several of the Paris attackers grew up is working to shake off its tarnished image, and improve life for locals.

In Show and Tell, Roxane Runel explains how to tell your camembert from your Camembert de Normandie.

And after a string of misleading stories about the EU supposedly wanting to ban schnitzel, kebabs and even Belgium’s beloved fries, in Fact or Fake, we cut out the junk from the genuine.

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